Bang Your Head at Club Dredd


Take a load off, knock a few bottles back and get yourself and your eardrums pleasantly smashed.

Club Dredd (formerly Red Rocks) first opened its doors 20 or so years ago in Timog Quezon City, then it closed and moved to EDSA Cubao, staying there a little longer, and providing a home for many local acts, big and small. Not just hardcore rock musicians, but for folk, blues and classic rockers, even poets and other citizens of art.

As a kid growing up in the 90s, I have fond memories of watching a bajillion bands there, ranging from groups just formed a minute ago up to the legends who’ve made indelible marks on the Philippine music industry. I remember doing homework by the bar, politely declining liquor because I was too young to drink (erm, I’ve always been tall for my age).

Currently, Club Dredd is on it’s third location, sitting atop another bar, flanked by a restaurant and a yuppie-type club (!!!!!). But true to its rock and roll spirit, Dredd and it’s denizens flourish amidst the other more organized, wholesome and I daresay posh establishments.

Step inside its poster-decked walls and plant yourself on a nice spot. Anywhere would have a great view of the stage, it ain’t an arena—and there lies the charm. Order a beer or two, or a bucket while you’re at it. There’s plenty of cocktails if you like your potions mixed, like myself (I’m happy to report that I am now well within the legal age to consume alcohol, ha ha!).

Have a fine time talking with your buddies. With the cranked up tunes, I’m sure you’ll have a riot yelling out the friendly banter until you’re hoarse. Most of all, ENJOY THE MUSIC! Let it wash over you, and be happy in the knowledge that you’re listening to hand-drawn riffs, beats and bass lines; not to mention vocals unadulterated by Autotune or other infernal vocal enhancers. Just good ole, straight up, in yer face rock!
So if you fancy having a ringing sound in your ears long after you’ve gone home, or you’re not averse to smelling like cigarettes, or developing neck and thigh cramps because of dancing the pogo all night—then you’ll love Club Dredd, just the way I do.

Cameras: LC-A+ and Fisheye 2, Colorsplash Flash
Films used: Fuji Sensia 100ISO (expired 2003), Lomography XPro 100ISO, Lomography Fine Color 800ISO

For more information, visit their online home:

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