Varying Visuals - Photography by Mateusz Wiglinzki

Mateusz Wiglinzki is a photographer and director based in Vienna. He style is as ever changing as his subjects.

© Mateusz Wiglinzki

There's so much more to portrait photography than just pointing your camera at a person and hitting the shutter. A good portrait captures the emotion, the reaction, the expression in that very same moment. Fleeting as it may seem, these things can make images stand out. You can draw attention to the subject but not necessarily capture all these things and Mateusz is skilled at doing that. Whether it's supposed to be unpolished or defined, stoic or busy, monochrome or in color, Mateusz just knows how to add those things into his photographs. He knows how to put these elements into his visual work, he understands them.

© Mateusz Wiglinzki

If you're interested in Mateusz's work, you may head over to his website, and VSCO for more.

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