A Tribute to 25 Years of Lomography with LomoWall Istanbul


The party for Lomography's 25th anniversary begins now as Lomographers stand united in Turkey to build LomoWall Istanbul. Check out the behind-the-scenes of this huge installation in Istanbul!

Deemed as Turkey's economic, cultural and historical center, it's no surprise to find artists and creatives in Istanbul. Lomography Turkey, partnered with Fotoistanbul (the biggest international festival in the country) erected a LomoWall consisting of 400 photographs from 105 Lomographers around the country and most especially in the streets of Besiktas. Almost 1000 images were submitted.

Our partner Nural Idrisoglu couldn't help but notice the rave that the LomoWall got during the opening and the display days.

"Our community members went crazy on social media, by sharing their photos taken in front of the wall, especially members whose photos were used were very happy!" said Nural. This happens to be Istanbul's second LomoWall, only this time, the canvas was bigger.

The wall was completed within four days, although not without small complications.

"Putting in the panels on the wall was delayed by a day due to rain and a crane was used to start from the top (as seen on the timelapse), it took about a night to complete," said Nural. "It's thanks to @merveebasturk, a community volunteer, who helped us out in finishing this fast."

The LomoWall was first displayed on the opening day of Fotoistanbul, September 30, and the exhibit ran until October 22. Watch this short video coverage of LomoWall Istanbul!

As we celebrate 25 years of Lomography, we want you to be part of the unstoppable revolution. We’ve got heaps of exciting giveaways, parties, exhibitions and surprises, so don’t forget to stay updated on the official 25 Years of Lomography site and follow us on social media! Stay tuned for the latest updates on the most exciting must-have Lomo accessories!

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    Wow, this is awesome!! Everyone's hard work really paid off, it looks great!

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    Looks awesome!! I've got 9 shots there! <3

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    So proud to be part of this!

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    Thanks @merveebasturk, @efealacamli, @banaderlersunny, @yagmurblt for helping out in making this a reality!! <3 <3 <3

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