5 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Belair Cameras This Autumn


It's that time of year when we have to embrace the colder weather and try to enjoy it as much as possible. All those walks full of kicking around the leaves will make you want to capture those beautiful autumn colors and enjoy the view.

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What better way to capture the best of autumn time than using the expansive 6 x 12 format that allows you to be a part of that magical scenery. Whether it's portrait or landscape photography, this camera provides a wide range of features that will help you keep those special moments forever.

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1. Bring it along on your Weekend getaway

And make a perfect landscape shot bursting with colors. With the automatic shutter system, the Belair X 6-12 allows you to focus on creating a breathtaking shot!

Credits: yago56, ck_berlin, grazie & pearlgirl77

2. Capture the view

Have you ever seen the most stunning panorama and wished you just had the right camera to capture it? Well with this medium format camera you can also make photos like this and even make 6x6 squares and 6x9 regular images! You got yourself one camera with a wide range of features, and who doesn't like experimenting?

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3. Switch to Instant in a second

Get your daily dose of instant photography by adding the Belair instant back to your Belair camera. We promise that you will fall in love with these shots instantly!

Credits: shanti929

4. Try something new

Don't be afraid to change perspectives from time to time by switching between the 90mm and 58mm lenses, which come with every Belair. If you truly want to dive into this exquisite set of features try using the Belairgon 114mm f/8 lens for exceptionally sharp images. You will not regret it!

Credits: satomi & blueskyandhardrock

5. Expand the limits of analog photography

This lightweight panoramic medium-format camera can also be used for studio photography! Now, you got yourself one-of-a-kind medium format camera that allows you to create impressive studio shots and expand the limits of your analog photography.

Feel free to share your experience using the Belair 6x12 camera. We can't wait to hear all about it!

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