Photographer Matches Museum Goers' Clothes with Artworks


A photographer named Stefan Draschan took the patient task of waiting for museum visitors whose clothes would match the certain artworks they're looking at. It's truly worth the wait.

Taken over different museums in Europe -- from Paris, Vienna, and Berlin -- Draschan wanted too capture people to match the artworks displayed. The results come as a humorous, clever but also outstanding and unique series that harmonize reality and fiction. Apart from clothing, some people also match with the paintings through their hairstyles, colors, even beards.

Life imitating art, or art imitating life? You get to decide on Draschan's intentions. Here are some images from his work:

Images are from Bored Panda.

2017-10-30 #news #art-photography #creative-photography #stefan-draschan

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