Summer is Here - Let's Go for a Swim!


After being a Lomographer for years I’ve made a new analogue friend, but with a product that has actually been around for some time. The Fisheye Submarine!

I’ve been surrounded by Lomography cameras for years. Especially since I helped set up the Lomography Gallery Store London last September

For the last few months one product in particular has been giving me the eye. That look of ‘you know you want me but you’re not sure why’

The Fisheye Submarine is one of those accessories that has little-to-no point in central London. If I decided to take a swim in the river Thames, and survived, there would be no chance of taking a decent underwater shot there.
I hate swimming pools in London and I never take a bath. My body washes itself now.

Finally the family and I decided to go on holiday in Greece. The moment came where I could take the Fisheye Submarine and find out why she had been looking at me that way for all these months.

Now I know why! She knows how to play in the right conditions! What conditions? Sun, water, sea, sand, sky, people, faces, kids and fun!

The Fisheye Submarine is now a permanent member of my personal Lomography camera family. If you’re going away somewhere watery I can’t recommend it enough!

written by adamscott on 2010-06-29 #gear #underwater #submarine #review #lomography-fisheye-submarine

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    Unaaaaaa! <3

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