Solitary Lights - Photography by Mark Broyer


Mark Broyer is a freelance art director and designer based in Hamburg, Germany and he likes to take pictures during his downtime. After seeing his work, we kind of wish that he gets to have a lot more time to shoot.

© Mark Broyer

These photos are from his After Hours series wherein he stated he was "trying to find beauty in the ordinary." Indeed there is. Mark captured these scenes that are totally bereft of human activity. There is no motion, no action yet these photographs draw you in with their colorful glow and cinematic appeal. These frames look like parts of movie cards wherein illustrators would create scenes like a couple's midnight rendezvous or a thrilling heist. Mark has a good eye for these kinds of things. He makes striking images using a cinematographer's eyes.

© Mark Broyer

If you're interested in Mark's work, you may head over to his website, Instagram, and Behance for more.

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