B&W Film Photography Group Keeps Analogue Alive in Vietnam

Usually flying under the radar, small communities of film photographers are the unsung heroes of keeping film photography alive. Let's zoom in on Vietnam and how a group of 26 film photographers form the Vietnam Black & White Film Photography Group.

L-R: © Vittorio Cera; © Tumi Le; © Heikki Rahkonen

The group's description is "You can post all kind of pictures taken in Vietnam on black and white film only." There are currently 229 photos in the pool and it is growing.

L-R: © Patrick Merlay; © Andrey Derevyanko; © Julien Ballet-Baz

Photos on this feature were taken by Tumi Le, Heikki Rahkonen, Patrick Merlay, Vittorio Cera, Julien Ballet-Baz, and Andrey Derevyanko.

Browse the Vietnam Black & White Film Photography Group photo pool here.

written by crissyrobles on 2017-11-10

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