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Curiosity is a beautiful thing that we, as photographers should nurture. We can have all these questions in our heads and never really get something out of them until we really go out there and look for the answers. Now if you're still wondering about what street photographers see the moment they hit the shutter, then in-sight is for you.

Screen capture from in-sight

"in-sight" is a documentary film directed by Nick Turpin (Nick is also a street photographer and he opens up the documentary with how in-sight came to be.) It shows the perspective of street photographers documenting the passing moments of life and the people who live them. The film was shot in London, New York, Melbourne and Rotterdam as it follows members of photography collective in-public. It's amazing to see these photographers from different places and backgrounds all converge as they freeze moments and capture incredible scenes.

Screen capture from in-sight

The commentary is nice to listen to. You get this feeling that it's all a big story broken down into tiny little moments and images. It's also refreshing to watch these photographers work -- their approach to photography and their subjects, the reasons behind their work, and the joy they get out of it. Short and sweet, in-sight is a great documentary to watch especially for the curious, the imaginative, and the creative.

Trailer for in-sight

If you're interested in in-sight, you may visit Nick Turpin's website for more information.

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