Moving Image: Cinematics Award


This competition serves as the Open Submission Round for the Cinematics Award. Submit your best short movies.

It doesn't matter if you are shooting with one of Lomography's Art Lenses, 16mm, Super 8 or 35mm on the Lomokino, Lomography wants to see your finest flicks.

Credits: wapclub


  • This competition is open to all kinds of movies taken using the LomoKino (or other analogue movie cameras) and Lomography Art Lens, or images taken with a multi-lens cameras that were edited as a short film.
  • Please submit a link to your entry on the comment section below. You may submit as many entries as you want.
  • Sound may be included but please make sure you have the right to use the material.
  • Rumble will run until November 30, 2017.
  • Selected short films will be part of the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards. See more info here.

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  13. -dakota-
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    my first stop motion with films! I used Oktomat, supersampler and actionsampler (I was sure to have uploaded a version without sound but I was wrong :( )


    Stop motion with yashica fx3:

    Animations made with different film cameras:

  14. prntmkrap
  15. prntmkrap
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