Monday Moodboard: Something Witchy This Way Comes

It's one Monday nightmare away 'til we can say hello to our friends from the other realm. Tomorrow will be Hallow's Eve, and everything is not what they seem. No matter if you're not from a wizarding school or if your pet cat can't talk. You can enjoy the thrill of a dragging Monday by imagining the unseen, ominous realm. Just don't toy with the supernatural!

You can be as witchy and magical, or enjoy the spooks and horrors with this Monday Moodboard.

Credits: natalieerachel, blueskyandhardrock, shamba, _for_petes_sake_, yerzmyey, fricicchia, mannequin, yago56, martaskoczen, oscarmoroni, ethvnwilsxn, urbantristesse, clownshoes, atropaworkshop & remitch

2017-10-30 #culture #halloween #witches #monday-moodboard

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