Meet The Founder Of Sunday School: Josef Adamu

Josef Adamu is the art director and founder of Sunday School and we love the idea of bringing creative people together to make inspiring work. He succeeded in building a family amongst the people he works with, and that's what makes Sunday School so precious. In this interview, Josef reveals what is the most exciting project he has been working on and allows us to get to know him better and his team was.

Photo credit: Benedict Adu

Hey, Josef! We wish you a warm welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself so our community can get to know you better?

Hello Lomography! My name is Josef Adamu; I am the Founder and Creative Director of Sunday School based in Toronto. The brand is an initiative dedicated to the development of visual branding and storytelling.

How did you come up with an idea to gather up talents of photographers, creative directors, stylists, and models and create something known as the Sunday School?

Every element of digital production is vital. I developed Sunday School to give people the opportunity to come together to work on external projects. It allows creatives to grow exponentially while learning from others. Most of all, the experience is great for the portfolio.

Photo credits: Naskademini, Justin Amoafo

How old were you when you realized you wanted to become an artist and spread your vision?

My passion for the arts struck at the age of 18, which was my first year of university. I was reading a lot more books, magazines, and online content that opened my eyes to different aspects of life. These experiences led to my love for art direction and visual production.

Photo credits: Christina Ebenezer, Justin Amoafo and Sonia Prspectiv

Can you tell us more about the creative process behind these photoshoots you do with different photographers? What's the starting point in turning your vision a reality?

Planning, producing, projecting. We plan the shoot with individuals that fit the vision (e.g., models, photographers, videographers, stylists, etc.). We present the work through the resources allocated and the pieces we’ve put together. We project the results. Social media rollout is vital, and it often leads to further opportunities worldwide!

Photo credits: Christina Ebenezer, Jeremy Rodney- Hall

Since you always work with various photographers, how important is for you to connect with them to get the final product?

Most, if not all my photographers are friends before anything. I like to build a family amongst the folks I work with. I believe it is important to have team chemistry before getting into any assignments. It leads to more fluidity in the results and allows for thorough communication!

Photo credits: Ararsa Kitaba, Neva Wireko and Benedict Adu

What was the most exciting project you've worked on so far?

The most exciting project so far has been our latest series, “Sister’s Keeper.” It was our first female-driven series, and we shot it in New York City. It was paired with an actual narrative, and all pieces of production came together very neatly! I am still super impressed with the overall result.

Photo credits: Benedict Adu, Ararsa Kitaba

I understand you are the art director. Where do you find your inspiration to create inspiring things with the rest of the team?

Inspiration is everywhere. I compile my sources of inspiration online through mediums such as Pinterest, Tumblr, iGNANT, amongst much more.

What's your day like when you are not busy creating for Sunday School?

I spent a lot of time jotting down ideas, watching vintage films, reading, and researching. All elements of the process that goes into the work I do!

Do you have any exciting projects you would like to share with us?

At the moment, we’re working on starting a podcast series that will feature people from all over the world. Please stay tuned! Thank you!

All photographs shown in this article were used with the permission of Josef Adamu. If you want to learn more about Adamu's Sunday School, check out his Website.

written by Ivana Džamić on 2017-10-30 #people #josefadamu #artdirector #sundayschool

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