Gear Envy - Olympus OM Brasser by Heath from Shoot Analog

Patina can give your precious camera that beautiful lived-in look. Or if you're feeling a little bit impatient, you can just do a custom job on it like Heath from Shoot Analog.

© Shoot Analog

His Olympus OM Brasser is a patina lover's dream. It has that faded charm to it that collectors and rough-and-tumble shooters would easily appreciate. This custom project is a love letter to film cameras -- from the way it was designed to the way it was done, you can easily tell that this particular one-off is a work that stemmed out of passion. Heath did an amazing job on breathing new life into this camera.

© Shoot Analog

Heath had a pretty clear vision in his mind on how to achieve that 'brasser' look for this Olympus OM. Naturally, it would take a long period of time and rigorous use to get this particular look (and we mean years) so he knew he had to take it upon himself to get the results he wanted. He took off some things here and there, added some features, gave it a whole lot of effort and love and voila! A new camera is born!

We're gawking over the results and we're still in awe of the remodeling process. It takes skilled hands and a whole lot of camera love to come up with a project as clean as this. Hat's off to you, Heath!

If you're interested in Heath's work, you can learn more about it on his website.

Let us know if you have some projects you'd like to showcase to the community. Project cameras, one-offs, customs -- you name it! Hit us up in the comments section below.

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