A Myth of Two Water Nymphs by Ruby June


Photography has graduated from being a voice of truth to a storyteller. This Halloween, Lomoamigo Ruby June finds an old square bathroom in one silent afternoon. There reside two sisters unlikely in appearance yet equal in beauty, out to lure passersby along with their unresolved tragedies.

Without knowing their names, the two sisters are said to appear by touching your face's reflection (as if caressing) from the old bathroom water that floats on the tub. They will manifest through the spectator's reflection, but the "coming out" is actually a tug-of-war between the resident spirits, and the viewer, if he bravely stays long enough, will see the multiple alterations of their blonde and black manes, and the constant swapping of their black and white lace dresses.

If the blonde in the white dress appears first, expect that she will cry, but only in silent whimpers. An attempt to get out of the place is futile, as the old house will turn into an abysmal maze, the whimpering never fading. You'd have to console her to stop the crying. If the brunette in a black dress appears, she will wail out of anger and spite. Once, then twice. This is the last chance for you to run. The doors will lock by themselves, and once they do, you will have to sit through her rage, for only-God-knows how long.

The reason as to why these two sisters haunt the bathroom is unknown... since this is a work of fiction. Got your palms sweaty for a minute there, didn't we?

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