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On screen or off, Heath Ledger commanded attention with his great acting and overall great personality. Personal accounts of those close to him would attest to that. People were just drawn to him as he was interested to be in their lives as well.

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I Am Heath Ledger is a documentary film (directed by Derik Murray and Adrian Buitenhuis) that focused on the actor's life -- featuring the interviews from people who knew him best. The documentary itself is like a movie that Heath starred in, he is ever energetic, passionate, and as ingenious as the roles he played onscreen. What many people seldom know is that aside from being an actor, Heath was also an artist. He enjoyed music, performances, photography -- Heath documented almost everything he encountered; may they be in songs, video, or images. His love for creating things reflected his enthusiasm for life and all its little facets -- he wanted to do many things and experience as much as this world has to offer. As photographers/creatives here in the community, we can relate a lot to this hunger to make things with our ideas and hands.

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Beyond all these things, the film also sheds light on Heath as a person. Not everything was a highlight reel but that's okay. It's not always happy endings that make movies or scenes memorable. I Am Heath Ledger is an ode to a life well lived albeit cut unexpectedly.

If you're interested in I Am Heath Ledger, you may visit their website for more information.

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