The Lomographer's Holiday Checklist


The holidays are almost here! Have you started working on your itinerary? For your wintry escapades, make sure that you're prepared with the essentials. We've got you covered with the Lomographer's Holiday Checklist.

Minimalism: a small compact camera

Every Lomographer's rule of thumb is when there's an opportunity to be taken, it should be grabbed. The Holidays is no exception. It's the only time we can let our freak fly, shooting here, there, and everywhere to our hearts' content. Of course, we think it's best to pack light and keep it simple. A trusty small compact camera would do most of the trick to make more space for the other essentials.

Check the LC-A, Diana or if you're pretty iffy using your vintage beloved, then the Simple Use Film Cameras would be perfect for you.

Credits: the_pinhole, brucelython & neddih

Filters & light painting tools

Christmas time has both city and suburban sparkling with Christmas lights. So why not take advantage of the rare displays? Amplify those light-drawn sketches in the dark with filters, light painting brushes. Find out what other materials you can use for your light painting here.

Credits: dontblink, bonny-everaars & debja

An all-around creative lens kit

One of the reasons why we ask you to pack lightly with a compact camera is so you can also bring in a variety of lenses, whether you're going experimental, or if you're going professional. If you're bringing with you your Lomo'Instant, throw in the other instant lenses as well. Just make sure your compact cameras have the appropriate mounts, too!

Image of the Neptune Convertible Art Len

Extra film stock

We said you should keep your photography gear simple, dear Lomographer. But here's an exception: always bring extra film, and keep them varied. Get your favorite color negative, but also pack a roll or two of B&W. Don't miss out on exceptional emulsions either. Reason for this? The winter season is one of those rare seasons where everything is blanketed in white snow. The world is your canvas, and you can do whatever you want with your camera!

Browse through our huge collection of film stock here for your purchase.

Credits: freakoftheweek, dudizm & mikeluntzilla

Cleaning gear and extra batteries

If you can bring these into your bag, make sure to do so! Keep extra batteries so your camera can run longer, as the winter season easily depletes energy. Constant upkeep of your gear is also recommended, especially in the winter.

Read about cleaning your camera here.

Any ideas and tips that you'd like to share? Post them in the comments box below!

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  1. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert ·

    I love this: "The winter season is one of those rare seasons where everything is blanketed in white snow. "… Umm, actually not when you live in New Zealand or Australia. We'll be in the middle of summer :) So it gets dark late around here…

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