In Talk with Duffman and His Trip to India


Martynas (aka duffman) is no stranger to the community. This 22-year-old LomoGuru has previously shot exceptional portraits with the Petzval Lens and tested the Daguerreotype Achromat lens on a trip to New York. He is currently living in Frankfurt, Germany and has been traveling quite a lot this year, with plans of studying photography soon.

He recently made a trip to India and the pictures he took along his way looked simply amazing, so we had to ask him to share his experience with us.

Credits: duffman

You recently went to India, can you share your experience about the country?

It was already a while ago. I spent almost 3 months in India traveling through the northern regions. The country is huge and depending on where you go, the culture, religion, food, language, and landscapes may differ strongly. During my trip, I met some really interesting people from all over. I will definitely go back in few years.

Credits: duffman

How was shooting in India different from other countries?

People are very friendly and speak English well. That makes it easy to connect and to photograph. Walking with my cameras all around I never felt unsafe or wrong and people usually don’t mind being photographed. They will ask sometimes for money though. So in India, if you’re comfortable to talk to people and sometimes give something back you will be able to capture a lot easily.

Credits: duffman

When did you first start shooting with Lomography cameras and what do you like about them?

In 2012, I started shooting a Diana F+ and later on a Lomo LC-A. That was the point where I got into photography and my analog camera and film obsession started.

Most of them are very simply made and don’t even need a battery. They are good for experimenting with multiple or longtime exposures and have so many creative accessories/tools that can help produce unique images. Shooting with them is fun.

Credits: duffman

What inspires your photography?

Basically, if I see something that inspires me I try to capture it. It can be anything. But mostly random moments on the streets.

Credits: duffman

What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to be a photographer?

Get a camera, take it everywhere with you and shoot every day. Also, enjoy and be really passionate about what you are doing.

To see more of his work, visit duffman's Instagram and
LomoHome. You can also check out his first trip to India in 2015 in this feature.

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