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Directors Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uyttenhove followed photographer Alec Soth all over the United States for his project titled "Broken Manual." What they captured is a thoughtful view of people who decided to leave society in search for themselves and the ever elusive idea of peace.

Photo from Broken Manual
© Alec Soth

There is no glamour in Somewhere to Disappear. Just a lot of dirt and gritty realizations about these people and the reasons they have for leaving modern society behind. The documentary shows these people, the places they call home, and their stories but it also shines light upon the photographer and his work. Alec Soth lugs around this massive large format camera and it's fascinating to see his encounters with these people -- he interacts with them and discovers something new about life, society, and even about himself in every new experience.

Trailer for Somewhere to Disappear

Somewhere to Disappear is a film about getting lost and being found, with these out-of-the-ordinary characters that all have these interesting things to say. It's a beautiful piece regardless if the focus is in front or behind Alec's camera. To think that this expansive land of dirt and dust is what some people call their "home sweet home" is poetic as it is dark.

Learn more about Alec Soth and Somewhere to Disappear here.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    I bought "Sleeping by Mississippi" by Alex Soth last week. I began this week to study this masterpiece, seem a classic like "The Americans" by Robert Frank, "Los Alamos" by William Eggleston, "American Surfaces" by Stephen Shore, "American Night" by Paul Graham!

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