Monday Moodboard: Fall, Foliage, Florilége


Autumn leaves and flowers design the surroundings as the cold gets nearer. It's a different world to see everything that was once lush green, turn to its contrasting reds and oranges. Cities turned to twilight towns during the daylight.

The leaves fall, the flowers bow down as if death brought all his friends. But there's something beautiful and calming about the way we see the surroundings in this rare light. It's always the golden hours, with the autumnal season. It's the perfect time for ambient, moody photography. Enjoy the short, windy days and long cold nights with this Monday Moodboard.

Credits: aexel, hodachrome, stratski, emkei, maria_vlachou, why-yu, freckleface, locutus, ck_berlin, mingkie, kasial, kleinerkaries, gocchin & vici

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-10-23 #culture #autumn #fall #monday-moodboard

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