Bieke Depoorter: Stories from the Sidelines

Belgian photographer Bieke Depoorter is a Magnum Photos member known for exploring the social landscape of Egypt and documenting the downsides of the uprising. Beyond the news media and politics, she looks into the homes and families.

Depooter attempted to gain the trust of locals, her encounters with those who stayed at home often reminded her that she will never gain their full trust. It is through such spectatorship did she become aware of her own perspective as an outsider, both culturally, and as a photographer.

Bieke Depoorter, Cairo, March 2012, © Bieke Depoorter/Magnum Photos.

This new layer Depoorter showed broke into the preconceptions of Westerns and how they are seen through the eyes of others. It is through the impossibility that she will gain their trust that allows her to continue her series. Every day is a new day to find a new place to spend the night, preferrably with a family, in their own home.The newly-recruited Magnum photographer also recorded images from Russia and U.S.A., through chance encounters she learns.

Catch the show As It May Be at the Hague Museum, until February 4, 2018.

Bieke Depoorter, Cairo, June 2012, © Bieke Depoorter/Magnum Photos.; Bieke Depoorter, Al-Mahalla al-Kubra, Al-Gharbiya, November 2015, © Bieke Depoorter/Magnum Photos.;

Images are from the press kit.

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