Fresh Reels: LomoKino Films to Watch


We collected some of the latest LomoKino films so far for your viewing pleasure. So sit back, relax and reminisce, as fleeting moments are captured and forever visualized with the LomoKino.

The smallest things in life should be held precious -- show that in the analogue way.

"One Day with LomoKino" | by michal_vavro

Lomographer @michal_vavro spends an entire day out in the blankets of snow in Slovakia, capturing the wintry beauty in its natural landscape.

"Eye" | by alperx122

"Eye" is a one-minute LomoKino film shot in a diaristic format as @alperx122 documents a personal trip with companions in Istanbul.

"LomoKino Redscale" | by Richard L

Analogue enthusiast Richard showcased a short experiment on shooting a film in redscale. The town is red on this one!

"A Trip to Nara" | by phyllistc

One of our Lomographers @phyllistc documented her stay in the historical city of Nara, Japan where she fed nearby deer in the area. Nara is known for its park where wild sika deer roam around. They are considered sacred.

A Super8 35mm LomoKino film | by Pakin Wongkhaluang

Film student Wongkhaluang's street cut is reminiscent to the old reels made by the likes of Vivian Maier with a humanistic approach.

"Barcelona" | by Mauro Maiani

In his Eurotrip, Mauro Maiani is on the mission to capture 35mm moving portraits of seven European cities with an analogue medium. For his trip in Barcelona, he compiled 1184 shots for this LomoKino portrait. He will also be covering Galicia, Paris, Berlin, Venecia, and Milan.

"Princess Love" | by airuck

Love is in the air with this less-than-a-minute LomoKino film that just hits the nostalgia. Remember when filmmakers of then would stitch the frames to make a film reel of their beau? This one feels exactly as such.

✘ Vimeo:

Greenery | by Dominik Lange

Lange's two-minute reel consists of nothing but shades of green and moving foliage, perhaps even developed in E6. Get your zen with this LomoKino film.

"Si Sofia at ang Mahiwagang Payong (Sofia and her Magical Umbrella)" | by AB Garcia

This film lifts up the spirits as it follows a young girl enjoying the day out in the sun with her umbrella. Ahh, the simple joys of a child truly is remarkable. The film was shot in Fujijcolor C200.

"Coburg" | by michal_vavro

And once again, our LomoKino lover @michal_vavro prepared a black-and-white reel this time, following a couple of friends as they make their way into the city.

Preview image was taken from "Princess Love".

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    Thank you for the featured! Great works guys!

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    these are all fantastic!

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