Into the Sublime and the Colorful: 10 Best Rollei Vario Chrome Shots

Shot straight up or cross processed, the Rollei Vario Chrome will bring great colors to any shot.

Credits: antmark

In this gallery, we show you some of the best shots taken with the Vario Chrome by our very own community members. Bask in soft tints, slight grain, and medium sharpness with this versatile slide film. You can go two ways with the Vario Chrome -- take the scenic route and opt for a warm glow that perfectly captures Sunday afternoons or go for the striking saturation that jumps out of the frame with cross processing. Grab a roll and let us know how you shoot with the Vario Chrome!

Credits: lafilledeer, lzyrich, vita-reducta, antmark, bjyye & vicuna

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written by cheeo on 2017-10-29 #people #slide #rollei #color #xpro #vario-chrome

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