Self-Portrait Masquerade: an Interview with Rimel Neffati


Self-portraiture is synonymous to experimenting and getting to know one's self, it's a classic tradition of art history, but it never fails to be beautiful. And such is Rimel Neffati, who finds amusement within herself, through photography, red lipstick, masks, crowns, and flowers.

Hi Rimel, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Firstly, you've been photographing for quite some time now. How were you introduced to photography?

Hello, thank you for the invitation, very glad to be interviewed by Lomography Mag. I discover the world of photography alone, I'm a self-taught, constantly learning.

What do you usually look for in a photograph? Any preparation you must do first (like listening to music, working out) before taking up the camera?

I don't have any kind of rituals, it can happen that I dig a photo from years ago and start to work on. I would say that it's more a compulsive need with a research of aesthetic beauty.

Your imagery is so surreal and pictorialist! Please describe to us your style.

It's very much like that. t I like this feeling of the past and being between photography and painting/drawing.

They're all self-portraits. In words, how do you see yourself?

I feel constantly evolving with my up and down moments, I think self-portraiture can be a great diary of this evolution of yourself.

In your own opinion, what makes women beautiful?

I believe it's self-acceptance which can be a long road.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Who are your muses?

I'm quite directly inspired by painting and old processes in photography, and more generally I love nature, greenery, it doesn't inspire me directly for doing photography but it makes me feel good. I love to discover art where there wasn't intended to do art.

If you could work, collaborate or meet with any photographer or artist, who would it be, and what would you two be doing?

I don't think I would automatically like to collaborate with an artist whose work draws my attention, I just like to admire it but I don't feel necessary to do a collaboration. Maybe it's a loss because I remember, almost every time someone came to me with an idea including my work, I find it awesome.

Describe to us -- what's a day in the life of Rimel Neffati?

I have a "normal" life, I have my up and down moments, and sometimes I do not feel like doing art for weeks... it's difficult but I've learned to manage these phases and accepted that is normal, I try to not think at this and focus on other things, the inspiration comes back without knocking at the door.

What do you usually do during your downtime, on days not living the artist's life?

Oh, I don't live the "artist's life", and I'm curious to know what it is. It sounds so cool. But I do know that during my downtime, I do my art.

Any on-going project, or other plans you're keen to work on?

Some interesting things in the near future... ;)

For more of her oeuvre, review our artist feature or visit her website.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-10-21 #people #self-portraits #self-portraiture #rimel-neffati

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