My First Date with the Diana F+: @blackbyrd


Getting your hands on a camera for the first time is similar to going on a date. There's awkwardness involved, and you have to go out and spend some time and effort to get to know each other better. Soon you'll learn its quirks and what it likes in different situations until you reach a more easygoing rapport. By then, shooting some wonderful memories will become second nature to you. This rings true with the Diana F+ -- the iconic plastic beauty famed for its low-fi vintage looks. Not all Diana F+ cameras are alike: some produce vignettes more prominently than the others, while others will allow light to leak into your frame. This medium format camera will test you and charm you at the same time, but it will always reward you greatly with mesmerizing, soft photos that resemble scenes from a dream.

In honor of the Diana F+ camera's 10 year anniversary, lomographer @blackbyrd shares the story of her first date with the Diana F+.

Name: Yiorgos Mavropoulos
LomoHome: @blackbyrd

Tell us about your first encounter with the Diana F+.

In a fashion shoot in 2007, as a back-up body, I thought I could handle her easily even though it was my first time with her. I was wrong.

We found some of your Diana F+ memories and would like to know the stories behind the photos:

Credits: blackbyrd

This is one of the photos from my first encounter with her. The model was freezing as I was trying to remember whether I did wind the film to the next frame or not...

Credits: blackbyrd

Probably the only well-calculated and well-executed double exposure photo I have with the Diana. This photo was not done as effortless as it may look.

Credits: blackbyrd

This is my first encounter with the new instant back for Diana F+. The whole new year's eve of 2010 was spent on trying all the features of this new toy!

Describe the Diana F+ in 3 words.

A Beautiful and Stylish Moodswinger

Any advice that you'd like to share with future Diana F+ darlings?

Give her some space (in the framing) and let her do the rest.

Lomography’s leading lady has been at the forefront of the analogue world for ten tremendous years, and now the Diana F+ is back with a brand new anniversary look. Inspired by classic 1960s American diners, our darling new Diana F+ 10 Years of Diana Edition promises to rock your socks off with its matte red and pastel blue design, complete with a rockin’ retro gold lens! Pick up your favorite new analogue companion at the Online Shop, or a Gallery Store near you!

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