Cig Harvey: "You an Orchestra, You a Bomb"

English photographer Cig Harvey's new monograph is part memoir, part poem, and part love letter that explores her own relationship with life and the fleeting moments through text and photography.

Deemed as the photography equal of painter René Magritte, Harvey's been described as revealing the mysticism in the mundane. Each image is a self-contained vignette in perfect squares, each having their own narrations from Harvey's experiences.

Two brothers, Rockland, Maine, 2015 © Cig Harvey; Three Boys, 2016 © Cig Harvey; The Fire, 2015 © Cig Harvey; Two Swimmers, 2015 © Cig Harvey; Scout and the Jacks, 2017 © Cig Harvey; Prism. Scout, 2017 © Cig Harvey
"Now dissect our bodies, pull out heart, shit, and eyes, and see each one of us is each other, we are orchestras, we are bombs. We are houses of cooking smells, arms around us and two aspirin. We are a normal pap smear, the first violets and meeting the bus from school. We are a Tuesday where nothing really happens. We are first cups of morning coffee, hand-printed welcome-home signs and community. We are paying attention. We are only this moment, the length of a photograph."

She's rather symbolistic -- the birds, teeth, windows, water, and snow -- all can be seen throughout her work, amplifying the complexity of the dull and mundane. They're like jigsaw puzzles meant to be read and seen through the bigger picture. Color is balanced through her inability and the camera's inability to halt and capture time.

Scout in the Blizzard, Rockport, Maine, 2017 © Cig Harvey; Red Cloak, 2016 © Cig Harvey; Hannah in the Blizzard, 2017 © Cig Harvey; Annemarie (thirty-two weeks), 2017 © Cig Harvey; First loose tooth, 2016 © Cig Harvey; Sparks, Kyla, 2016 © Cig Harvey

Images are with permission. Pre-order the book here.

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