Why Daniel Arnold Loves New York

You might get sick of New York being in the media reels all the time, but this city has rightfully earned its reputation, and it's inarguable. A favorite among photographers, street shooter Daniel Arnold is one of them.

Known for his off-guard, humoristic photographs of New Yorkers, Arnold captures daily American life. Photography was only a pastime, but pastime turned to passion, and he became a documentarian and photojournalist. The candidness of scenes makes his oeuvre so authentic and human, even voyeuristic, but not to the point of invading as he gets to them up-close. New York, a melting pot of various and distinct, walking, living, and breathing stories, deserves a photographer such as he.

Preview image was taken from the video.

2017-10-19 #culture #videos #street-photography #new-york #daniel-arnold

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