From the '60s Vintage Archives: Remembering "The Pad"

Do you remember those groovy flats and mod-looking interiors from the '60s? Your contemporary interior designer might go running away from the lack of zen in this gallery, but this was the 'raddest' way people could tell that you were cool.

You will notice how loud the colors are, and contrasts were welcoming -- from loud yellows, reds, to electric blues, greens. The 1965's rooms were always between the boring conservative of '50s aesthetics and the crazy, loud, colorful that would foretell the '70s. Dull rooms? Not quite. They are very kitschy, and people liked to boast that they owned pieces of artwork by hanging them all on their walls. Hey, it was contemporary art at its finest! Hanging lamps, varying tile colors on the floor, weirdly-shaped chairs are also some things to take note of.

Actually, we can't help but remember those nicely-lit rooms from Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange'.

Images are from Flashbak.

2017-10-18 #culture #indoor-photography #interior-photography #vintage-photography

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