Hans Eijkelboom: A 40-Year Journey of Learning Identities

Hans Eijkelboom was an artist of the '70s whose lifetime was concerned over identity. Through his works of art and photography, we joined him of his never-ending searches of faces, people, relationships, similarities of casual passers-by.

His best images are known for his series of images showing people shopping in the streets.

Hans Eijkelboom, With my family, 1973; Hans Eijkelboom, Warsaw, 1978

Another interesting series was "For With My Family", where he asked mothers with two children to sit with him on the couch for a photo. The result showcased the interchangeability of the father's role in the family. The series "Mooi" examined the judgments of outsiders, where EIjkelboom asked random passers to appoint a "nice" bloke or someone on the streets. He would then make a portrait of the designated person, and ask him or her the same thing. THe series ends with images where the photographer person couldn't find anyone he or she liked.

Such his is extensive research for identity, making "the snapshot" attract the art world domain.

HANS EIJKELBOOM: IDENTITIES 1970 - 2017 at The Hague Museum of Photography, running through January 7, 2018.

Hans Eijkelboom, Een buitje regen, 1971; Hans Eijkelboom, Fotonotitie 21 October 2006 Paris 16:00 - 17:30

Images are from the press kit.

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