Welcome to the Holiday Light Show!


The Holidays are almost upon us! Prepare the hot cocoa, bring out your quirky sweaters, and practice for nighttime carols! Of course, this time of the year wouldn't be complete without the mesmerizing festive lights that add to the special cheer of the season.

Credits: girlofgod, filby & darlim
Credits: anaisnni, rutami & digby

Bask in their glow and reminisce fond days of childhood as you walk through street after street riddled with playful Christmas lights. A wonderful time it really is but you know what else we remember when we see these lights and their time-lapse shots? Constellations and galaxies. You can just lose yourself in the majestic and almost magical view. It's like gazing into a mini-universe, it's just a swell sight.

Credits: filby, thespark17, darlim, lomomonnom & canastasiadis

2017-11-13 #culture #light #christmas #time-lapse #lomoholidays #lomoholidays2017

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