Why New York is the Ideal Place For Street Photographers


Being a great street photographer doesn't mean you should be shooting at famous capitals for their architecture or their visual appeals -- it's taking the heart of humanity in the city -- and the Big Apple just happens to win everyone at that.

New York is the melting pot of the world, all walks of life coming from different cultures, social classes, and countries meet here, and no one's an exception to the hustle and bustle. If all of the humanity can be met, it will be here. Everyone's different, everyone's conflicting, everyone's wired out differently -- all with different goals. But despite this, 'help' often comes along the way, in whatever form. The most wondrous thing about those is the people here manage to live together as a collective -- New Yorkers. As a photographer, it's definitely a sight to see such interesting scenes of human interaction just before you, and capturing the fleeting at a click.

Let Youtube vlogger Jacques Gaines elaborate more.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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