Pulitzer-Winner Photojournalists on Photography

From a snippet that aired on CBS Sunday Morning, "Capturing the Moment" is a segment that focused on photojournalist Eddie Adams, who won his Pulitzer in 1969 for his famous image of a Vietcong prisoner about to be executed at a street in Saigon. Other photographers share their inklings as well.

Thirty years after, Eddie and his wife Alyssa built a workshop in upstate New York, admitting only 100 students from around the world for a 4-day, tuition-free learning experience.

“On some level, you have to have the instincts to understand what it is you’re seeing, because I don’t think everybody understands what they’re seeing,” says Alyssa Adams. “You either see something or you don’t. Can you learn to see? Yes, you can.”

Other Pulitzer photography winners such as John H. White, and four-time Pulitzer winner Carol Guzy share their thought as well. Guzy says: " You’re not taking pictures, life is taking it. I’m just the vehicle."

Preview image was taken from the video.

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