Creepiest Community Photos

2017-10-18 1

Pause a horror movie and you're bound to see these spine-tingling scenes. Faces smudged with blood, creepy dolls that seem to watch your every move, and clowns who found humor in menacing children. But sometimes movies are not enough. Halloween comes and lomographers go on a ghost haunt armed with their film cameras and a loot bag of timeless photo tricks. Blurs for ghostly motion, high contrast black and white for a chilling effect, and double exposure for hybrid creatures. A strange, fun, and absurd celebration of what we fear the most.

Credits: freckleface, satomi, dudizm, maria_vlachou, hodachrome, grinningcat, daitita, carsten-schmitt, mafiosa, gakurou, tomkiddo & nofish

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-10-18 #halloween

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