Masao Yamamoto: Photographs of Quiet Stillness

Photographs are synonymous to haiku poems in the work of Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto. Each image presents a moment in life that is fleeting, but through his camera, his audience can enjoy the transience.

Yamamoto is inspired by the philosophy of Zen, in which meditation and beauty are centralized in one's life. The Aichi-born photographer first began as a painter, so it's only likely that his images are rather pictorial.

These images are part of his series "Shizuka", his small-scale prints show us that the littlest of things can evoke the larger-than-life feelings we've yet beheld. The word shizuka means purity and clarity. Most of the images are taken from nature and the forest, where treasures come in the form of the highlights of the waves, the speckles of petals, the slopes of the mountain, and the natural blank slate.

Images are from Graphicine.

2017-10-17 #culture #still-photography #japanese-photography #masao-yamamoto

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