A Lens for Every Occasion With the Diana F+


Whatever effect you're going for, the Diana F+ and its many wonderful lens accessories has your back. Choose among a wide selection of nifty lenses and elevate your film experience.

Capturing your next big shot can be as easy as swapping lenses and straight up hitting the shutter. The lovely Diana F+ can be fitted with a variety of fun and easy-to-use lenses to match your every mood or need. Get comfortable with your subject, capture their reaction perfectly with the Diana+ 55mm Close-up Lens or take home clean and clear snaps with the Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass Lens. For fun circle-in-a-square shots, put on the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens. For stronger vignettes, try the Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens, and go even wider than usual with the Diana+ 38mmSuper Wide Lens.

Diana F+ with 20mm Fisheye lens

Credits: dabai, vicuna, piu, kleeblatt, daitita & phiphu

Diana F+ with 55mm Close Up lens

Credits: ouroborosx, satomi, haydee, sweetyyydreams & heavenkot

Diana F+ with 38mm Super Wide lens

Credits: warning, qlamerand, tallgrrlrocks, erikamentari & ak47lomogurl

Diana F+ with 110mm Telephoto lens

Credits: ihave2pillows, megs79, paramir & lomography

Diana F+ with Glass Lens

Credits: frenchyfyl, dida, pearlgirl77, fruchtzwerg_hh & gui_llaume

Everything's worth a shot with the retro queen, Diana F+!

Lomography’s leading lady has been at the forefront of the analogue world for ten tremendous years, and now the Diana F+ is back with a brand new anniversary look. Inspired by classic 1960s American diners, our darling new Diana F+ 10 Years of Diana Edition promises to rock your socks off with its matte red and pastel blue design, complete with a rockin’ retro gold lens! Pick up your favorite new analogue companion at the Online Shop, or a Gallery Store near you!

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