Remember The Great Tohoku of 2011: Hans-Christian Schink


In 2011, Japan witnessed the most powerful earthquake to come into the country, and the aftermath caused a 400km-long stretch of tsunami, devastating cities and villages, caused by a nuclear accident in Fukushima. The catastrophe got international coverage and it continues to be part of contemporary Japan's narrative and the people's relationship with nature.

A year after, a photographer visits the place.

Rikuzentogura, Tokura, Miyagi Prefecture; Yamamoto, Kasahama, Miyagi Prefecture; Minamisanriku, Minamimachi, Miyagi Prefecture

Hans Christian Schink spent several weeks traveling across Miyagi Prefecture, capturing the aftermath of the calamity. The still landscapes that once haunted Japan are marred with destroyed houses, infrastructures, buildings, skeletons of steel, boats, and other debris.

There is peace and beauty in the aftermath, but the stillness and quiet make his landscapes subtly haunting, and reminiscient, especially of the tragedy that occurred in the area.

Kesennuma, Hajikamiiwaisaki 1, Miyagi Prefecture; Ogatsucho Mizuhama, Miyagi Prefecture; Ogatsucho Ohama, Miyagi Prefecture

Images are from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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