Diana F+: One of the Absolute Best In Any Format

The truly lovable Diana F+ is a wonder when it comes to versatility. It can shoot squares, 35mm, and even on instant film with just a quick change of the accessory. This is one reason the Diana F+ is such a charmer!

We love jumping over fences and boundaries and the Diana F+ is one of the ultimate proofs of that. Living by the Lomographic code, you're bound to do some crazy and unexpected things, that's why we created the different backs and accessories to elevate everyone's shooting experience. The Diana F+ is a perfect example of spontaneity and playfulness regardless of the format. Let these fun 35mm and instant snaps show you how to have a good time with the lovely Diana+ 35mm Back and Diana+ Instant Back!

Photos taken with the Diana F+ and Diana 35mm Back

Credits: panelomo, troch, kleeblatt, hxloon & jeabzz

Photos taken with the Diana F+ and Diana Instant Back

Credits: kleeblatt, maria_vlachou, rwins, moochie_lomo, vicuna & atria007

2017-10-18 #news #35mm #instant #diana-f

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