Rebecca Rose Harris: A Passionate Life on Creation

There's more to the creative life English photographer Rebecca Rose Harris leads. The passionate life --- a life of creating music, writing poems, taking photographs, cutting collages and what else -- is what keeps creative pursuit healthy and glimmering.

A Portrait Of Grief I

This wonderchild began her life in the arts through photography, with nature and surroundings being the intense influencer of her artistry as a child. From there on, her other hobbies and passions came as if natural extensions.

Her images extract the beauty and curiosity from darkness, with darkness being described as the 'unknown' or 'unexplored'. Her images are carefully calculated yet ephemeral, analyzing reality with a tad of surrealism, and hints of Robert Mapplethorpe's monochromatic softness.

The Religion Of The Mind - I; The Religion Of The Mind - V 4

What makes her interesting isn't merely because she's a photographer, but an artist of exploration and fearlessness by indulging through mediums that art has to offer. For Rebecca, no such other way of life can be fulfilling.

A Rat Within A Dream; 07; Appoint-The-Cross

Watch out for our interview with Rebecca soon. Visit her website and Instagram for her works.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-10-15 #people #art #analogue-photography #rebecca-rose-harris

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