Garcia Sanabria's Park


The lung of my city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Parque García Sanabria’s arguably the lung of Santa Cruz. Built in 1926, adopted the name of mayor who approved the construction, and with more than 67,000 square meters, it could be very nearly a botanical garden, given the large number of plants that can be seen from his walks.

In addition, you can enjoy the 13 sculptures that adorn the park as a memorial of the “1st International Exhibition of Street Sculpture” held at the park in 1973.

The park has several main sites, starting at its southern entrance, guarded by a great flower clock, made in Switzerland and donated by the Danish consul in 1958. Also at the center of the park are a great source, with the “Monument to Garcia Sanabria”, by the sculptor Francisco Borges Salas. On the north side, formerly was a small zoo of exotic animals, but after the remodeling suffered by the park between 2004 and 2006, has become a small art gallery.

But as I really enjoy is walking its trails, admiring the beauty of tropical plants and trees that fill the gardens, passing under the oleander and bougainvillea pergolas hung on decorating the whole ride, enjoying the peace that can be found in the middle of the city, and that if, walking calmly, without haste … because we need to enjoy our lives…

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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Digan lo que digan, ¡ esto es el paraíso en la tierra !
    Además, tus fotos le hacen justicia ...

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