Challenging Yourself with Cheap Cameras


We here at Lomography know that photography isn't about the gear at all. Making the best photographs rely mostly on your eyes than some nifty piece of tech that a great photographer used.

Those with Gear Acquisition Syndrome won't ever feel 'deserving' of owning their most prized or most expensive camera if they can't use it to the fullest. A good photographer can work on any camera, it doesn't matter to him if he's crippled by limitations and technology. He'll find a way to make the most out of his cheap camera. The no-frills and options to tinker around are second nature to him. So go on and pick up your abandoned, rookie-cheap camera. You'll be learning a lot from there than from a top-notch camera. And perhaps, you'll even feel a bit better about your images and your work.

Watch this short challenge from Ted Forbes.

The preview image was taken from the video.

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