Lomographic Color Studies: The Belt of Venus

We've finally nailed down the basic colors from primary to secondary; now it's time to study other colors, hybrids, and palettes that make this world more complex and non-binary. We run in gradients, and such is the sky and its twilight wedge.

There's a reason why dawn and dusk look so picturesque; arguably the most beautiful time of the day the sky becomes.

Credits: marder17

It's thanks to that citrusy wedge called the Belt of Venus, and neighboring it are the blankets of blue and purple. Th Earth's shadow comes in, too, called the "dark segment". There are your arrays and multiple variations of pinks, yellows, oranges, reds, blues, purples... even blacks and whites thanks to the clouds' shadows and highlights.

A daily phenomenon where there's so much to see, and it brings us feelings of melancholy, of beginnings and endings.

Credits: gocchin, shoujoai, wolfinthewoods & robertofiuza

The twilight skyscape is an allusion to the cestus of the Greek goddess Aphrodite or the Roman Venus. Indeed, twilight is the most beautiful time of the day.

Credits: naomac, paper_doll & fivedayforecast

2017-10-13 #culture #sky #color-photography #lomographic-color-studies

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