Anders Petersen's Encounters at Cafe Lehmitz

In 1960's Hamburg, there was once a cafe named Café Lehmitz, and it was the heart of the red light district; and once upon a time, an 18-year old Anders Petersen visited this place.

It was 1962 when he came from his native, Sweden to visit this dive.

Based on the anecdotes of Petersen, he went to this cafe due to its liveliness -- it was where the outsiders of society at, those whom he identified with. Funny enough, many of the encounters he had told him they all felt "dead inside". The late-night regulars were prostitutes, transvestites, drunks, lovers, drug addicts.

Petersen returned to the cafe in 1967, along with him were some of his friends. He bumped into Gertrude, a friend he met in the bar, told her his plan to photograph the area, and thus arranged a meeting on that evening at one in the morning. Since then, the photographs taken in Cafe Lehmitz have become as an important collection in European photography history.

Images are from Flashbak.

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