Fly-On-The-Wall Photography with Diana F+

If the daydreamy Diana F+ isn't surreal enough for you, you might want to try out pinhole photography with its pinhole counterpart, the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator. Tack it on a corner as this fashionable camera turns into a serious spectator.

Credits: tattso

The Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator camera has three pinholes contrary to the normal Diana F+ medium format, and for our resident pinholist @tattso, it could not get any better than this. His project "Life Suction" is a series of long-exposure pinhole photographs of daily life, with most images captured in rather precarious, almost voyeuristic angles -- as if looking through the eyes of a fly on the wall. The hazy nature of both Diana and pinhole photography only amplifies the ethereal scenes.

Credits: tattso

For this tipster, you'll only be needing: sticky tacks (@tattso used a blue chunk for this) or strong (yet removable) adhesives.

How to do it:

- Find your muse. Look for the right scene/s you'll want to photograph.
- Attach the tack or adhesive at the back of the camera.
- Stick the camera to a smooth, immobile surface.
- Go "carpe diem!" and live in the moment while waiting! The longer, the better!
- Detach camera from surface, and go on to the next scene.

Credits: tattso

Some lighting conditions to consider if you're using medium film format with an ISO of 200 to 400:

- If bright (indoors): 30 min. to 2 hrs.
- If dim (indoors): minimum of 2 hrs. to whatever maximum you feel comfortable with (this is experimental photography after all!)
- If bright (outdoors): 1-5 seconds
- if cloudy (outdoors): 15 seconds to 1 min.

Then again, you can easily bend the rules and just experiment! Remember to upload your fly-on-the-wall Diana Lomographs in the community!

Lomography’s leading lady has been at the forefront of the analogue world for ten tremendous years, and now the Diana F+ is back with a brand new anniversary look. Inspired by classic 1960s American diners, our darling new Diana F+ 10 Years of Diana Edition promises to rock your socks off with its funky matte red and pastel blue design, complete with a rockin’ retro gold lens! Pick up your favorite new analogue companion at the Online Shop, or a Gallery Store near you!

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