In The Know: Singapore's Vintage Cameras Museum

Indian citizen and Singapore permanent resident S. Ramanathan is a steel trader by profession but his passion lies with old-school photography. A few months ago, he opened an independent museum dedicated to his love for vintage cameras alongside his cousin, the artist A.P. Shreethar.

Photo courtesy of the Straits Times

Ramanathan got acquainted with film photography through his father who was an avid enthusiast. His cousin, however, sees photography as the enemy of the artist whose craft is realism. Together, they decided to put cameras on display both for Ramanathan's passion and Shreethar's desire to glorify the "enemy." By spending "lots" on setting up the museum and purchasing all the vintage and rare cameras, they hope to educate young people about the craft that photography truly is.

The duo also hosts another vintage camera exhibition in Chennai, India where around 600 cameras are on display.

Photos courtesy of the Straits Times

The Vintage Cameras Museum - Singapore stands in Jalan Kledek and opens at 9:30 AM, closes at 9:30 PM. If you are around the area and want to drop by, keep updated through the Vintage Cameras Museum - Singapore Facebook page.

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