Diana F+ Darlings Share Their Lo-fi Love

Even after a decade after its introduction, the Diana F+ remains one of the most well-loved analogue cameras in the Lomography Community. But what makes this ever classy camera an instant classic? Let these lomographers and LomoAmigos share their love for the Diana F+!


She is elegant and fragile, delicate beyond words, with a simplicity like stone, she holds mysteries deep in her lens. Every moment a poem in her arms, like musk from a forgotten lover, drifting lazily on the breeze. She catches you by the nostrils and forcefully pulls your attention to forgotten corners and places overlooked. So much at your feet, how little we notice the world around us. Like fairies in the trees, she haunts us from the corners, her sly smile luring you on still. - excerpt from Diana F+, The Beautiful Bird

Credits: aroninvt

LomoAmigo Caroline Daily

Unpredictable, fun, retro, décalé (shifted), arty - from Caroline Daily, Fashion Aficionado, Is Our Latest Lomo Amigo


I still prefer this camera over my others because it is light and uncomplicated. Shooting is quick and simple and when accompanied with the many compatible accessories and lens, you can have better artistic control over your photos. - excerpt from Diana F+ El Toro: My First Medium Format Camera

Credits: amytam


Because this basic and wonderful camera has been a great teacher with whom I have learned a lot (a lot!) about photography. With photos as nice as you have seen and many other failures, I have been internalizing photographic concepts that I would never have understood so well by reading a book. It is a camera that requires time, shots that will teach you a little more with each roll you shoot. It’s a fantastic camera! - excerpt from A Review From the Heart: Why Do I Love My Diana?

Credits: susielomovitz

LomoAmigo Slinkachu

It is such a spontaneous way to take pictures. My usual way of shooting involves meticulously setting up a scene and then taking 300 shots of it with minute changes of angle, exposure and depth of field to get the one image that I love, but using the Diana F+ was more about quickly trying to capture something in a second, with no planning at all. - from LomoAmigo Slinkachu Shoots the Streets of Moscow With the Diana F+


My lovely Diana has been everywhere with me since. She’s the first thing I pack on any holiday, and she makes the perfect travel companion – she’s light and portable, stylish, and a unique conversation starter. - excerpt from Love at First Lomo: M Diana F+

Credits: ava_maria


It’s lightweight, reliable, and just so comfortable. I get more looks for this camera, too... This is a camera for spontaneity, not perfection. -
excerpt from All the Better to See You: A review of the Diana F+ Glow

Credits: kevinhodur

LomoAmigo Adam Goldberg

I also loved how quiet, unassuming, and light! (I have such heavy cameras) it was. It was easy to travel with both on a trip to New York as well as around town. By the end of my first few rolls, I came to really appreciate it as a unique camera with unique results that I simply would not be able to conjure with my other cameras. - excerpt from Adam Goldberg Shoots with the Diana F+

LomoAmigo Mira Aroyo

Light, unpredictable, friendly, unobtrusive. - excerpt from LomoAmigo Mira Aroyo of Ladytron Shoots with the Diana F+!

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