My First Date with the Diana F+: @orangebird


Getting your hands on a camera for the first time is similar to going on a date. There's awkwardness involved, and you have to go out and spend some time and effort to get to know each other better. Soon you'll learn its quirks and what it likes in different situations until you reach a more easygoing rapport. By then, shooting some wonderful memories will become second nature to you. This rings true with the Diana F+ -- the iconic plastic beauty famed for its low-fi vintage looks. Not all Diana F+ cameras are alike: some produce vignettes more prominently than the others, while others will allow light to leak into your frame. This medium format camera will test you and charm you at the same time, but it will always reward you greatly with mesmerizing, soft photos that resemble scenes from a dream.

In honor of the Diana F+ camera's 10 year anniversary, lomographer @orangebird shares the story of her first date with the Diana F+.

Here's @orangebird with a Lomo LC-A+

Name: Asumi Mizuno

Tell us about your first encounter with the Diana F+.

My partner(@akabee) participated in the World Congress 2007 held in London. At that time he received a Diana+ in London. When I looked at the pictures taken by him, I also wanted to take the same way, so I got the Lomography Diana F+.

We found some of your Diana F+ memories and would like to know the stories behind the photos!

For a long time, I was shooting with a 35mm camera, so when I first set up 120 film on Diana F+, I was a bit nervous.

Credits: orangebird

The first roll. One of the memorial photos of my lovely grandmother. I love the Diana color light leak in this picture.

Credits: orangebird

When I went to take a picture of the evening scene, a stray cat came up in front of me by chance. I got excited and hurriedly released the shutter. A cat's silhouette and the walking foot movement is a point.

Credits: orangebird

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom and it was very beautiful. I took many photos of cherry blossoms. This is a Japanese flower viewing scenery. While they are watching the cherry blossoms, they eat pleasantly with their friends. I'm looking forward to Springtime every year!

Describe the Diana F+ in 3 words:

Dreamy: Pictures taken with Diana F + gives a softer impression than other cameras. The colors make you feel like you're in a dream.

Unpredictable: Several light leaks can seep in one roll. There may be light leaks in every frame in a single roll. Sometimes there is no light leak at all! It is unpredictable. But I like every pattern.

Miracle: You can enjoy multiple exposures by adjusting the film roll. Or you can just conveniently "forget" if you've advanced the film and shoot again. Then, it becomes multiple exposure at unexpected places. That makes a nice picture. A good happening!

Any advice that you'd like to share with future Diana F+ darlings?

For me, the memories that I made with the Diana F+ 10 years ago are treasures. Sometimes when I see a printed picture that I took with the Diana F+, I feel happy. You will feel the same if you get Diana F+!

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