A Talk with Photographer Enig Hui on a City's Consciousness Through the Subway

A train station is not just an infrastructure of public commute. It's the collective consciousness of a city. So many can be learned just by looking at a city's train station, and Enig Hui reveals them all in his oeuvre dedicated to subways.

Hi Enig, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Firstly, how did you get into photography?

I became enthusiastic in photography since I started to travel extensively 6 years ago. It’s my travel journal to record the journeys.

Do you travel a lot? What do you look for in a place before visiting?

Yes I do, I have been to about 40 countries. Ultimately, I would like to see every corner of the world. I am particularly drawn into Nordic countries for their art, design, and landscape.

They say that you'll get to know the culture of a country through its infrastructure. Does this ring true with your underground metro photographs?

It certainly true to some extents. The architecture design of European underground metro has been evolving so much since the world first underground of London Tube (1863). From the earliest time, the underground stations are more than just an infrastructure projects. For example, the lavish and grandeur of the Moscow Underground built by the Soviet in 30s was used as a form of communism propaganda! Today we see the most creative architecture design in various cities such as Prague, Stockholm, Hamburg underground.

Were there any remarkable moments you've noticed when taking photographs?

Yes, but it happened when I was taking a photo of a vintage barber shop in Kashgar, China silk road region. I was invited into the barbershop by the owner who has spotted me! The Uyghur barber was extremely friendly, playing few traditional instruments for our ears and eventually I got my first virgin haircut in Kashgar!

Share to us, what was your favorite underground metro?

Hamburg underground. The hafencity university station is a futuristic theme station that will blow your mind!It felt like in a sci-fi movie set!

Where do you draw inspiration from? Who are your muses?

I'm inspired to take a photo that transcends moody yet sleek space where lights and material interact. I also like all things vintage, like old train carriages in Japan, Berlin.
I admire the architecture symmetry work done by Marco Ferrarin (check out their flickr!)

If you could work, collaborate or meet with any photographer or artist, who would it be, and what would you two be doing?

There are so many cool photographers (Igers) out there in Instagram. I would like to explore their home-based cities together for underground adventures! Just ping me!

Describe to us -- what's a day in the life of Enig Hui?

Afte my 8-5 office job, I'm doing research on my next travel destination!

What do you usually do during your downtime? Any on-going project, or other plans you're keen to work on?

I am working on releasing my first Underground hardcover book. At the same time, I am the contributor of a Facebook page called Mytravelmatez, which focus on travel ideas and tips. keep exploring and shooting!

Which cities underground you would like to shoot next?

I would love to shoot Moscow, Munich, New York City, and my home country latest Underground, Kuala Lumpur MRT system!

For more of Enig Hui's works, visit his Instagram and Flickr.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-10-11 #people #street-photography #documentary-photography #enig-hui

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