Wong Kar Wai's Favorite Films

The Hong Kong Second Wave filmmaker Wong Kar Wai enlists his favorite films from then to now, and why he thinks they deserve the rewatch.

Breathless (À Bout de Souffle)

The Jean Luc-Godard film is no surprise to have entered his list. having been one fo the most recognized films of the French New Wave filmmaker.

Pather Panchali (Apu Trilogy)

The Apu Trilogy is one of Wong's favorite film series, having enlisted all three of the films as his favorites "for it humanity".

Aparajito (Apu Trilogy)

The World of Apu (Apu Trilogy)


Godard enlists the Hitchcock film in his list "for its sensuality.”

Spring in a Small Town

"For its poignancy,” said Wong on the Chinese filmmaker Fei Mu's film, and one of Chinese film history's most political movies to date.

The End of Summer

Wong also listed this film by Yasujiro Ozu as a favorite "for it's humor and wisdom".

Fist of Fury

The Bruce Lee classic is a film in which Wong would like his children to watch. “As a teenager, I was exhilarated by it. It looks dated now, but Bruce Lee still kicks ass.”

Once Upon a Time in America

“I think the reason I wanted to pay homage to ‘Once Upon a Time in America,’ to Sergio Leone, to Morricone, is because people don’t make films like that anymore. People don’t have the patience for epics. Epics are really about time. It’s a journey, and not just action.” -- Wong Kari Wai during Sundance Festival 2013.


"Shame" has been one of the few contemporary films Wong enjoys to date. “I’ve seen two that I felt were impressive. One was from the director Steve McQueen, Shame, which I thought was very stunning.”

Child's Pose

“And the other one was from Romania, which got the Golden Bear this year. It’s not a fancy director, but he’s a very precise and a very good storyteller.”

Now, get ready to binge!

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