Nature Through the Eyes of Contemporary Photographers

Our relationship with nature continues to evolve as the world ages. In the eyes of international and Austrian artists working on photography and video, we examine this special relationship of mankind today.

Twenty-five artistic positions address the theme of nature and how they are represented in the backdrop of the Anthropocene, the first epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on Earth's history.

Myoung Ho Lee, Tree#1, from the series Tree, 2006 © Myoung Ho Lee, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, NY; Myoung Ho Lee , Tree…#2, from the series Tree Abroad, 2011 © Myoung Ho Lee, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York; Vanja Bucan, Camouflage, from the series Sequences of Truths and Deception, 2015 © Vanja Bucan

The works are anchored in a juxtaposition, hanging between a vulnerable ecosystem and a force of nature to endure it all. The landscapes illustrate our perception on how we humans approach and distance ourselves from the Earth itself, ranging from also our non-constant and ever-changingn relationship with nature, yet aloof and independent from cultural contexts.

Drop by the on-going display of Visions of Nature at the Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna, and will run through February 18. Works by Darren Almond, Rodrigo Braga, Vanja Bucan, Jennifer Colten, Andreas Duscha, Tomas Eller, Michael Goldgruber, Andreas Gursky, Ilkka Halso, Roni Horn, Michael Höpfner, Axel Hütte, Adam Jeppesen, Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Mathias Kessler, Claudia Märzendorfer, Ola Lanko, Myoung Ho Lee, Ralo Mayer, Simone Nieweg, Charly Nijensohn, Donna Ong, Anna Reivilä, Bruno v. Roels, and Michael John Whelan are up for viewing as well.

Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Romanticism and Patriotism Studies (Gallen-Kallela 1896), 2017 © Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Courtesy Gallery Taik Persons; Axel Hütte, San Fernando de Atabapo, 2007 © Axel Hütte, courtesy ALTANA Kunstsammlung, Bad Homburg; Mathias Kessler, Erzberg 01, Austria, from the series Staging Nature, 2004 © Mathias Kessler

Images are from the press kit.

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