Best of Diana F+: Multiple Exposure

The Diana F+ has been loved by many film and photography enthusiasts for its dreamy, low-fi photographs. Over the past 10 years, it also became a powerful tool for experimental lomographers to rearranged and reshaped the world with. Be inspired by these mind-boggling multiple exposure photographs captured with the darling Diana F+.

Credits: megs79, paperplanepilot, bravebird, susielomovitz, andrejrusskovskij, dogma, satomi, ceduxi0n, mephisto19, buckshot, mczoum, albeelee, warning, brittany & earlybird

2017-10-17 #culture #diana #diana-f #10-years-diana-f #a-decade-of-diana #darling-diana

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Lomography Diana F+

Lomography Diana F+

Take timeless and dramatic photos on 120 film with the Diana F+. Create stunning soft-focused images and customize it with sweet lenses or even an instant back for additional effects and flexibility.

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