A NYC Lens: A New View on Cuba with David Zheng

With the advent of tourism encroaching into Cuba as of late, one film photographer decided to put a unique perspective on the city, straying away from the kitsch and focusing on the abstract.

Born in 1985, David Zheng has only recently begun in his journey through image making, but has already discovered his own style of documentation, which shines through his subject matter to create a truly unique perspective on something that has been photographed for a number of years. You can read about this project from the artist himself below.

"On this photo project, I decided to steer clear of the iconic but also cliche images that Cuba has been known for (Classic cars, colorful colonial architecture, etc). I allowed my intuition to take over, and ultimately what captured me were the people of the country."

"I didn't want to photograph them as props to a beautiful backdrop of a country. I wanted to let them shine as they were, as people and as people interacting in their own environment."

"I found the native Cubans to be quite complex human beings, they were some of the nicest people I've ever met but you can also sense a bit of loneliness and isolation in each individual."

Written by Devin Blaskovich

You can find out more about David on his website and his Instagram: @iamdavidz

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written by blaskovichs on 2017-10-25 #people #cuba

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